althaller communication offers first-class communication solutions in a wide range of industries.

With expertise in consulting, education, finance, food industry, healthcare, human resources, IT & telecommunications, media and entertainment, real estate, retail, software solutions, tourism and beyond, we focus on excellence to meet your individual needs. Our dedicated team combines industry knowledge with creative approaches to develop customized strategies.

Put your trust in our experience and let us pave the way for your success together.

ecommerce & retail

Successful communication for e-commerce companies is crucial to attracting potential customers, retaining existing customers and ultimately expanding business success. At althaller communication, we understand that this requires holistic and well-thought-out concepts – strategies and measures that help to strengthen credibility, visibility and reputation.

Our many years of experience are reflected in the successful design of press and public relations work for national and international companies, associations and personalities in the wide-ranging e-commerce sector. Our focus is always on creating compelling and unique brand stories that reflect the mission and values of our e-commerce clients.

We implement our concepts in such a way that the uniqueness of business models, products and services is successfully anchored among stakeholders.

Our expertise enables us to position executives and experts as industry leaders who can speak on current topics and trends. We develop engaging content for the media, including studies, white papers, background reports and name-brand articles.

Our formats are establishing themselves as institutions among journalists and editors. The regular trend discussions we hold impressively underline our commitment. The clear statements of our satisfied customers and references speak for themselves. With althaller communication, you can rely on communication that uniquely and sustainably strengthens your e-commerce presence.



In the highly competitive consulting environment, we at althaller communication do everything we can to help our clients in the consulting sector to stand out through clear and convincing market communication. Our unique approach to 360-degree communication is based on the skillful integration of various communication disciplines and formats. This clearly positions your company and its value proposition against competitors.

From C-level placement in social media to targeted press and media work in specialist publications and business media, we offer customized solutions. We develop speaking opportunities on renowned platforms, promote authorship and use modern formats such as podcasts and social media to increase the visibility of your consulting company in the target industries and maximize awareness.

By actively participating in discussions, publishing specialist articles and sharing insights, we help you to demonstrate your expertise and establish yourself as a thought leader. Our well thought-out communication strategies protect, consolidate and maintain your company’s reputation in the long term.

With Althaller Communication, you can organically and sustainably promote the growth, competitiveness and long-term success of your consulting company. Let’s set the course for your successful future together.

finance & payment

Always be one step ahead with althaller communication.

In the dynamic world of finance, we don’t just take steps, we are always a leap ahead. Our commitment is reflected in the fact that we proactively focus on the future viability of our clients and their concerns. We pride ourselves on pioneering innovative communication solutions for emerging mega-trends and pioneering market and service developments.

Whether it’s introducing ground-breaking approaches against money laundering and terrorist financing or supporting young growth companies in using blockchain analytics and AI-based security services to protect the NFT ecosystem, we always set the standard.

We have made a name for ourselves in complex subject areas, gaining acceptance and recognition as opinion leaders.

Our expertise manifests itself in the significant milestones we have set for clients in e-payment, financial services and payment security. In addition, we successfully support clients in the area of banking software solutions in their market communication. As reliable advisors, innovative strategy developers, empathetic sparring partners and strong implementation experts at the media interface, we are always at your side. We are therefore regularly members of corporate crisis teams. Your success is what drives us – together we set the decisive course!

energy & environment

The energy and environmental economy touches the comfort zone of every individual more than almost any other industry.

More than almost any other industry, numerous topics from the energy and environmental market are reported on daily in media of all types and formats. From an economic, political and social perspective. And like few other companies, companies from these two sectors and their management are constantly in the public eye.

Effective stakeholder communication is crucial for the success of companies in the energy and environmental industry! It lays the foundation for cooperation, understanding, credibility, trust and acceptance. Only a comprehensive communication and, above all, PR strategy based on clear messages, transparency and a sound understanding of the target groups will help to strengthen the image of companies in the energy and environmental sector and promote a positive public perception.

We at althaller communication have always worked according to these principles and support energy and environmental companies and their management reliably and successfully in all possible communication scenarios. Whether in press relations, C-level communication on social platforms, trade fairs, congresses and other public appearances. We also support our clients in sustainability communication as well as conflict and crisis communication. You too can benefit from viable concepts, assertive strategies and sustainable measures that clearly position your unique selling points with your stakeholders.

it_ telecom


In the dynamic world of the IT and telecommunications industry, stakeholder-oriented market communication is crucial. Our mission at althaller communication is to present complex technologies, rapidly changing market conditions and parameters as well as current developments and trends in an understandable and future-oriented way.

IT and telecommunications companies are often pioneers of innovation. As a result, many companies place a strong focus on communicating their new technologies, product developments and research findings to reinforce their image as innovators. At althaller communication, we go one step further, because we believe that a company and its products are only as credible as its representatives.

Coming from the IT and telecommunications industry, we at althaller communication have been following this path since our foundation. We convey, illustrate and explain such information and content by means of highly personalized communication at C and expert level that is geared towards the uniqueness of the company. We use all forms and formats in our press and public relations work, as part of our analyst relations activities and across all social media platforms and channels. Whether in podcasts, in regular trend and technology talks, background and application reports, case studies or in interviews, name articles and commentaries.

The success of our approach is reflected not only in our established and lasting relationships with relevant media and opinion-forming journalists and analysts, but also in numerous positive client testimonials and references. Our strategic consulting services are also documented by the fact that we are regularly consulted by crisis teams.


In an industry that touches people’s comfort zone as much as the real estate industry, well thought-out market communication plays a decisive role.

When developing and marketing urban districts and quarters, it is important for owners and developers to involve all stakeholders – above all the local community, including private and municipal target groups – through clear, transparent and open communication from the very first planning idea.

In such an environment, we achieve tremendous things with our dialogue-oriented market communication. With our conceptual approach and target group-oriented and empathetic implementation of all communication measures, we set standards for effective, sustainable and socially responsible dialogue with all target groups. Commercial and private tenants, neighborhood neighbors, local media, the real estate press, residents and other important representatives of the public. Exemplary with the positioning of a high-quality urban quarter in Munich. With cross-media measures – from trend discussions with opinion leaders from various fields of urban knowledge in the form of podcasts, to targeted involvement of the relevant media, to transparent citizen and outstanding event communication. We provide 360-degree communication work that makes a significant contribution to long-term brand building.

other industries

As a B2B PR agency, we have our focus industries, but we also regularly set standards in communications work for a variety of fascinating industries with a wide range of requirements for press and public relations work as well as conflict and crisis communication.

Our team of experts is at home in various stakeholder structures and interest groups, whether in the real estate industry, the healthcare and pharmaceutical segment or the food industry.

What distinguishes our successful involvement in such diverse fields is our ability to always create the optimal approach for you in every project and for every task. That’s why we are able to precisely map companies, products, services and other assets in communication concepts, strategies and measures and position them uniquely in the relevant markets and with the relevant stakeholders.
Our impressive reference projects and clients are clear evidence of our capabilities and versatility. Striking examples underline how we support companies in presenting themselves excellently in their target markets and occupying a unique position with their stakeholders. Our guiding principle always applies: markets are conversations. We get you talking.