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Numetrix, headquartered in Toronto, was founded in 1977. The company develops and sells an intelligent “industrial Internet” software solution, which supports the efficient business planning within a company as well as business planning between several companies. J.D. Edwards took over Numetrix in 1999.


As outhouse press office COMMUNICATION Presse und PR was in charge of all Numetrix corporate communication in Germany. Until this point of time, the company only held a distribution center in Germany making a strategic consulting necessary to transfer the highly complex themes of the company. The German market had currently been rather unfamiliar to the benefits of supply-chain management (SCM) solutions. The agency developed best-practice examples to illustratively introduce to the complex fields of application. This lead to articles in business and specialized magazines, enabling a continuity in following editorial tours. In a short period of time the agency achieved to raise awareness among opinion-leading key journalists for the significance of SCM. This led to highly frequented business events and media coverage. By the agency’s quick incorporation in complex processes it was trusted with creation of marketing material such as product brochures and data sheets. Continuous media coverage led to a sustainable positioning of Numetrix in the German market and to be attractive as a take-over target.

Date: 1997 – 1999

“… Durch ihre hervorragenden Kontakte zur Presse hat COMMUNICATION Presse und PR darüber hinaus Experten von Numetrix in Interviews und Hintergrundgesprächen positionieren und Fachaufsätze platzieren können. …”

Sybille Rühl, Leitung Marketing

(vollständiges Testimonial als PDF)

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