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suedeutsche.de Jobcenter

Project details

Sueddeutscher Verlag

As a modern media company, the “Süddeutsche Verlag” is active in a variety of business fields. Its most important object is the “Süddeutsche Zeitung”, Germany’s largest national daily newspaper.


The cooperation started with a kick-off workshop to synchronize the mindsets of all relevant personnel. To stir the public relations towards a direction the entire management agrees with, everybody’s expectations were inquired after. Challenging was primarily the fact that all three online markets weren’t state of the art concerning the technical aspects in comparison to competitors.

The workshop ensured profound knowledge of the client’s needs. In a short period of time the agency was able to work out creative access to level out the technical disadvantages. For example, the first pan-European job portal (‚Talent4Europe‘) was set-up through the initiative of COMMUNICATION Presse und PR. Similar approaches were developed for the real estate and the automobile centers. Thus a starting point was created that was as well current as interesting for journalists to position the publishing company’s online activities in the market. At the same time sales and marketing were efficiently supported.

Date: 2002 – 2003

“… Sie haben maßgeblich dazu beigetragen, dass die neugestarteten Online-Rubrikenmärkte innerhalb kürzester Zeit in einer Vielzahl von Pressemeldungen erwähnt wurden und wir damit sehr schnell eine hohe Bekanntheit erlangen konnten. …”

ppa. Detlef Sauer, General Manager Online-Vermarktung

(vollständiges Testimonial als PDF)

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