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TÜV Süd is globally represented with more than 600 facilities all over Germany, Europe, America and Asia. About 30 percent turnover is generated abroad. In addition to technical examinations, consultings, reports and tests, the areas of professional training and certification are also part of the range of services. Furthermore, TÜV Süd provides conventional services such as general inspection, final testing, product testing and certification.

Due to the merger of TÜV Management Service GmbH with TÜV Product Service GmbH many employees went through profound structural change, ranging from implementing new work structures and adopting company agreements to new work time regulations.


COMMUNICATION Presse und PR realised individual interviews with the employees of TÜV Management Service GmbH and TÜV Product Service GmbH at the facilities of TÜV Southern Germany. To generate significant results for the entire company the staff conducted the interviews inter-sectionally and cross-functionally. Based on the conversations COMMUNICATION Presse und PR developed a communication strategy to quickly and thoroughly improve the internal corporate communication. The agency was comissioned with taking individual measures like carrying out teambuilding workshops and nationwide uniform communication channels. Furthermore, COMMUNICATION Presse und PR was responsible for conceptualising a new staff magazine, which was produced by the agency functioning as a general contractor. Moreover, for the period of two years the agency acted as an interface between management and employees.

Date: 1998 – 2000

“… Gerade in der sensiblen Übergangsphase haben wir unseren Partner als hervorragenden “Übersetzer” erlebt, der die notwendigen Veränderungen im Unternehmen aktuell, kompetent und nachvollziehbar an alle Mitarbeiter kommunizieren half. …”

Dr. Harald Müller Witt, Geschäftsführer

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