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United Arts Hotel

Project details

United Arts Hotel

United Arts Hotels with its segments United Art Consulting and Event Marketing is a globally active marketing platform. It is specialized in offering an all-inclusive service, especially for hotels, resorts and lodges.


To prepare for the market entry COMMUNICATION Presse und PR worked out the communicative content for the first financial year and defined the relevant channels of communication in a work-shop. In cooperation with a marketing agency COMMUNICATION Presse und PR conceptualized and designed the website as well as the image brochure and filled them with editorial content.

Date: 2001

“… Ihre Kompetenz im Bereich Kommunikation den Sie durch Workshops in unserem Haus vielfältig bewiesen haben, hat zur Strategiefindung und Komplettierung unseres Firmenprofils maßgeblich beigetragen. …”

Iris Poloczek-Jordan, Geschäftsführende Gesellschafterin

(vollständiges Testimonial als PDF)

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