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TMG Technologie Management Gruppe Global Resourcing GmbH

Project details


The TMG Technologie Management Gruppe Global Resourcing GmbH based in Munich is a part of the TMG Gruppe with additional facilities in Karlsruhe, Stuttgart und Zurich. As a management consultancy company they are specialized in assisting globally operating companies with recognizing and developing new market opportunities using web based products and services.

As a lead agency, COMMUNICATION Presse und PR initiated the company’s communication with German-speaking media.


Regarding issue management the emphasis was on transferring corporate news into journalistically relevant topics. The cooperation’s goal was to improve the level of awareness as well as to establish and expand the public image. Right from the beginning the public relations focused on round-table discussions and micro benchmarking with Lünendonk GmbH. Despite the highly competitive consulting market the measures made a profound positioning possible in a short period of time.

Date: 2005 – 2007

“… Das umfassende Know How der Agentur im IT-Bereich gewährleistet stets eine schnelle Einarbeitung in unsere sehr komplexen Sachverhalte sowie die professionelle Umsetzung in der laufenden Pressearbeit. …”

Dr. Paul Gromball, Geschäftsführer

(vollständiges Testimonial als PDF)


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